• Fundamental and Enhanced Commissioning
  • UNC Charlotte, Facilities Management

Martin Residence Hall
The University of North Carolina at Charlotte – NC

McCracken & Lopez, P.A. was the Commissioning Authority for this new 170,000 SF, 404-Bed Residence Hall Building in the East Village Sector of the main campus, which provides apartments and suites for upperclassman students at UNC Charlotte. The building also features multiple study and social spaces, as well as a large lobby and commons area.

This Capital project conformed to NC Senate Bills 668 and 1946 and utilized a CM@Risk delivery method. As the Commissioning Authority, McCracken & Lopez, P.A. was an active advisor to the Project Team and provided “Fundamental Commissioning of the Building Energy Systems” and “Enhanced Commissioning” documentation.

Commissioning services for this project were defined by the North Carolina General Statute 143-135.37(d), which serves to ensure that all included systems are complete and functioning properly prior to substantial completion. McCracken & Lopez, P.A. joined the project team during the design phase and continued services through Construction, Acceptance and Warranty Phases – approving the scope of work for each phase individually. Owner training was also a part of the scope of work.