• Retro-Commissioning
  • City of Durham

Durham Performing Arts Center HVAC Upgrades, Retro-Cx
Durham, North Carolina

In 2018, The City of Durham retained McCracken & Lopez, P.A. to review and assess the current faulty mechanical system in their 108,000 SF facility.The scope of services include a complete HVAC system assessment, design review and verification with a design-build contractor and commissioning services for new equipment installed. A fast-track portion of the contract included the immediate replacement of 3 boilers that were in poor condition. This package was bid and installed within just a few weeks and the new boilers have been commissioned.

The next phase will include a thorough and complete assessment of the mechanical systems. Following the assessment, M&L will make recommendations to the owner in regards to improvements and phasing and will work closely with the design-build contractor to complete the work over the next 4-5 years. Phasing and scheduling will be an integral factor in the improvements to the facility, as DPAC is only closed for 4-6 weeks a year in the summer months.