• Retro-Commissioning
  • City of Durham

Durham City Hall and City Hall Annex
Durham, North Carolina

Built in 1978, the Durham City Hall is some 127,000 SF. The City Hall Annex is a nominal 57,000 SF building that was originally built in 1960. The HVAC and lighting systems for both of these buildings are a combination of older equipment nearing the end of its useful life and newer equipment. McCracken & Lopez, P.A. was retained by the City to provide retro-commissioning services that include evaluating the HVAC and lighting systems, identifying improvements, implementing minor adjustments, and assisting the City in planning for replacement of equipment.

MEP systems that are part of the retro commissioning process include the BAS control systems, condenser water system, chilled water systems, boilers, air handling units, variable frequency drives, VAV terminal units and reheat coils, perimeter heating, fans, split systems, building pressurization controls, and lighting systems.